Welcome to my blog! I hope you find inspiration to take a travel challenge yourself and/or find ideas of where to visit in California and what to do in those places! Enjoy! 

January: Manhattan Pizzeria

I mentioned this place in my overall LA January post as our dinner spot for Saturday in Manhattan Beach. When looking back at their website, they sell by the slice or the pie, and my mom and I decided to go by the slice because we didn't want a load of leftovers. Something I would like to mention is that they require a $10 minimum purchase in order to use a card to pay. Neither, my mom or I ever carry cash, but somehow both of us were able to scrap up enough cash to make the purchase. 

My Order: Pepperoni Slice ($3.95) with Jalapeños added on top ($0.35) - It was so good, may I say again, would for sure come back to this place. The pizza was not too thick and wasn't completely crispy thin, it was just perfect and I would order same thing again. I am usually one to add pepperoncinis to my pizza as well and was a bit disappointed they didn't carry those, but made due without. 

Mom's Order: Pepperoni Slice with Onions ($0.35) and Sausage ($0.35) on top. I think she enjoyed this meal even more than me because for some reason was so ravenous. But overall was a fun place to eat and would visit again for a quick, cheap bite. 

Side note: Sorry I did not take pictures of our food, from here on out I will... Which will actually start in March because we already completely our February trip by now as well. 

February: Jake's On The Lake