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March Hotel

March Hotel

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Banning-Beaumont:


  • Comfortable Beds!!! - Last time was a disaster and we even brought gel mattress toppers but ended up not needing to use them!
  • Spacious Room included a desk, two beds, large bathroom and plenty of extra floor space
  • Bathtub! Mom used both nights while I did homework :/ 
  • Free Breakfast - Large spread including 3 hot breakfast items, fruit, oatmeal, pastries, bread products, yogurt, drinks. Definitely filled me up both days
  • Price for the area - Cost around $170 before tax ($190 afterwards) and though that sounds expensive it was best you could get for the area and Spring Break time
  • FREE Parking - Nothing more needed to say about this!
  • Hilton Honors Points Accumulation again! Got 2000 Bonus points for March travel this time too!


  • Outside of Palm Springs Area
  • Beaumont/Banning area tends to be windier/colder than if you travel farther East
  • Nothing too special about the town- Need to head to Palm Springs area to find anything exciting
  • Had to ask for microwave - was not already in the room

Since I wrote long Pros/Cons this time I do not have much more to say except I have a traveler tip to give everyone. My mother and I bought these things called Sleepsacks from the brand TravelFresh. They are basically large sleeping bags made out of sheets. I watched a video a couple months back that a News Reporter did for a story about how often sheets in hotel (NICE HOTEL CHAINS) rooms get cleaned... About half were not cleaned when the bed clearly looked slept in. (They tested this with backlights btw) I personally felt a lot more comfortable and almost didn't notice that I was in one, they are quite big. 

Hope you guys found some Palm Springs hotel tips from my post :) 

Link to the Sheet Sack


June Hotel

June Hotel

January Hotel